How To Build, Edit and Use Task Related Triggers

Modified on Tue, 06 Dec 2022 at 09:52 AM

There are many ways you can create tasks, such as in a pipeline, campaign, or contact record. For this tutorial, we will be creating a task from within a contact. Here’s how to set up a task-related trigger.

Step 1: Creating the Task in a Contact Record

  • Navigate to a contact record.
  • In the top right, you can toggle between different options. Select the task option and click on “add new” to create the task. 
  • Fill in the task title and the description.
  • Then select which user you want to assign the task to.
  • Finally, you can set the due date of the task.
  • Once you have finished setting up the task, save the task. You will then see the task appear on the right-hand side of the contact record.

Step 2: Setting up the Trigger

  • Navigate to Triggers and create a new trigger to start making your new task trigger. 
  • For the trigger type, select “task reminder”
  • For the filter, there are two standard options that are commonly used: “Before number of days” and “After number of days”.  (Both are viable options depending on your preference.)

NOTE: If you want the task to be due on the same day you made it, you can use either option and set the number of days to zero. 

  • For the action, you can customize this section in many ways. We recommend limiting the number of automation for simplicity. The three we suggest are “send email”, “send notification” and “send sms”. (We will be using the “send email” action for the sake of this tutorial).
  • Now you will need to format your email however works best for you.
  • The sender portion should have the appropriate email, and the recipient portion should have the custom value {{ }} * no spaces * for the user’s email address.
    • Pro Tip: When using custom values in general for tasks, the custom value drop-down menu has a task section so you can copy the necessary custom values to properly set up your email.
  • Create a subject for the email. We recommend using the custom fields for the task title and due date. 
  • Create the body of the email. We suggest using the custom values for the title and description.
  • Once you’ve set up your email, notification, or SMS, save and activate the trigger.  

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