How To Use the Workflow Goal Event

Modified on Fri, 02 Dec 2022 at 02:52 AM

If a contact meets a certain goal or condition within the workflow, you may want to move them automatically to a specific part of the workflow, without being required to complete additional steps. We’ve created the Goal Event in Workflows to help you achieve just that.

 What is a goal event? It allows you to set a specific goal for a workflow. From the time a contact enters a workflow, the system will be watching for the specified event to occur, no matter what steps the contact is in. When the contact achieves that specific event/condition, they’ll be moved to the goal step directly. This is currently a feature supported for email events and trigger link clicks.

Follow these steps to learn how to use the Goal event:

Step 1: Adding The Action To a Workflow

  • Navigate to the Workflow you wish to add the Goal event to
  • Select the Workflow action called “Goal Event”

  • Choose “Received email event” or “Clicked a trigger link”
  • Customize the Workflow action
  • Save to confirm your changes

Pro Tips:

  • What if the contact reaches a Goal Event without having met the conditions? If the Goal event was not reached by the time the contact reaches the goal action in your Workflow, there are 3 options: End this workflow, Continue Anyway, or Wait until the Goal is met. Be sure to select the appropriate option when customizing your Workflow action.

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