Tags Overview

Modified on Fri, 02 Dec 2022 at 07:40 AM

The tag feature is a great way to organize your contacts. Adding and removing tags will help you determine specific actions and stages that a contact is at (similar but more granular than a pipeline stage). You can add more than one tag to a contact.

How to Add & Remove Tags:

  • When importing a list of new contacts, you can add tags to some contacts in the spreadsheet you upload or apply a tag to the list as a whole. (Refer to the "How to Import Contacts" article for the step-by-step.)
  • A tag can be manually applied or removed within an individual contact record. 
  • To add a tag, under the ACTIONS section of the Contact card, type in the desired tag. If you have used this tag previously, it will show up, and you can click it. If it is new, you can select plus, and it will create a new tag.
  • Tags can also be added and taken away via the conversations menu.
  • A trigger can also be set up to apply or remove a tag to contact records. (Refer to the "How to Build and Utilize Triggers" article for the step-by-step.) Some options for the trigger action to prompt the tag-add are call status, updated appointment status, specified email(s) being sent, form submission, and more.
  • The Bulk Actions within the Contacts section can be used to use a select-and-tag option. Check the box next to desired contacts, click the 'Add Tag' Icon at the top, and apply the desired tag. (This can be used to remove a tag too.)

How to Use Tags

  • Tags can be used in the Smart Lists/Contacts to filter down to a specific group of leads/customers that you want to see. 
  • Tags are used to define a group of leads in order to send a Bulk Request (think Newsletter, Email Blast, etc.)

NOTE: Tags should not contain special characters. The system will technically allow you to create a tag with a special character, such as "This & That" or "#Yes" but it will not pull the list of contacts properly if the tag has a special character. We recommend using text only (spaces are ok.)

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