Membership Assessments

Modified on Tue, 06 Dec 2022 at 09:12 AM

In this article, we’ll explore the assessments feature in your Memberships portal. Assessments can be a great way to check the progress of your members’ learning as they work through your course. Follow along to learn how to create and manage Membership Assessments.

Step 1: Choose the Product

  • To create an assessment for your Members, Navigate to Sites > Memberships > Products. (You will need to have a product already created to add an assessment). 
  • Select the Product you would like to add an assessment to. 
  • Next to the Title of the Section, click the plus sign and Select “Add Assessment”.

Step 2: Create Assessment

  • Add to the Assessment a Title, and click Save.
  • Choose a passing grade and message to confirm a passing grade.

  • After this, you can begin adding questions to the assessment.
  • Choose Single choice or Multiple Choice: For Single Choice, you can only select one correct answer, for multiple choice there can be multiple correct answers. 
  • Write out your question and then Select ‘Add Choice’.

  • Add as many answer choices as you would like and mark the correct answer(s) with a check mark in the box “Correct Option” underneath the answer.
  • Continue to add questions until you have completed your assessment.
  • Click Save to finalize your changes.

Step 3: Publish the Assessment to Make it Live

  • After Saving, go back to the Product editing area
  • On the dropdown menu of your assessment select ‘Publish’ when you are ready for the quiz to be live.

Come back and make any changes or edits you need anytime, or create additional assessments for your Membership portal. You can customize this as you need for your business!

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