Troubleshooting The 9 Dots Issue

Modified on Thu, 22 Dec 2022 at 03:37 AM

If the page just doesn't redirect and got stuck.

1. Make sure cookies are allowed for

2. If it's still stuck, 

check If they have software (e.g., NordVPN) that might control browsing activity/web protection before. Please turn off / uninstall it to see if it will work, as it will update all SSL certificates on your website.

Click on the lock icon on the top left > Click on Connection is secure to expand more information.

Click on Certificate is valid.

It might show Issued by: NordVPN here, which means that it will block the page from loading.

If you're having trouble loading a screen, execute the following steps in a Google Chrome browser to resolve:

1) Right-click the screen and select "Inspect", select "Application" (you may have to click the >>> icon to find Application) then, select "Storage" then click the "Clear Site Data" button

2) Click the lock icon next to the URL of the page, select "Cookies", then click the "Remove" button

3) Do a hard refresh of your browser (right-click the reload button and select "Hard Reload" or Command + R on a Mac or Control + F5 on a PC)

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