How To Add Video Background in Funnel/Website

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Users can now easily add video backgrounds to section, row, or column within the builder. The Video Background feature supports HTML5 Standard Video Formats including MP4 and WebM ensuring compatibility across different browsers and devices.
  • Enhanced visual impact: Video backgrounds instantly grab attention and make a memorable impression on visitors, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of websites and funnels.
  • Improved storytelling: Videos have the power to convey emotions, tell stories, and engage viewers on a deeper level. With the Video Background feature, users can leverage this storytelling potential to captivate their audience and deliver impactful messages.
  • Flexible design options: The ability to add video backgrounds to sections, rows, and columns provides users with greater flexibility in designing their web pages and funnels. They can choose to have a full-screen video background, create unique layouts with video elements, or highlight specific content using video backgrounds.
How to Use
  • Users can add a video background to a section, row, or column using the following steps:
  • In the builder, add section, row, or column where you want to add the video background.
  • Access the element settings for the selected area.
  • Look for the "BG Media" option and select "Video" type.
  • Upload or select a video file in one of the supported formats (MP4 and WebM).
  • Save the changes, and the selected area will now have a captivating video background.
Background Videos Only Support HTML5 Standard Video Formats (MP4 and WebM) and its only available to the new builder. Video background will be available for section, row, or column within the builder.
How to do it:
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