Bulk Scheduling Posts for the Social Planner Using a CSV

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Bulk Scheduling in the Social Planner allows you to prepare, organize, and set-up posts for your social media channels ahead of time. You can create content calendars using CSV files (‘comma-separated values’ files) with post details and upload them into the Social Planner. The Social Planner will create each post based on the information given. Bulk Scheduling posts using CSV files will simplify the effort needed to build your social media presence. 

Part 1: Setting up your CSV file

Step 1: Create a CSV file (This can be done in Microsoft Office Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple’s Numbers, among others.)

  • If you already have a content calendar created, you’ll want to make sure your columns and cells are labeled correctly

Step 2: Label the columns as follows in order: 

  • postAtSpecificTime (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss)

This is where you’ll specify the date and time you want the post scheduled. You MUST follow the format specified in the header: year-month-date (in numerical fashion) hour:minute:second. Notice there is a space between the date and time; this is crucial. You need to write the time in 24-hr format instead of 12-hr format (so, 13:00:00, instead of 1:00PM).

NOTE: Most sheet/CSV applications automatically format dates as you normally expect — MM/dd/yyyy. Be sure to check this and edit to follow the Social Planner’s settings.

  • content

This is where you’ll write the caption for each post. You must abide by the character limits for each platform in order for your post to successfully upload: 

  • Facebook: 62000 characters
  • Instagram Business Account: 2200 characters
  • LinkedIn: 3000 characters
  • Twitter: 280 characters
  • GMB: 1500 characters

You can include hashtags.

  • link (OGmetaURL)

If your post includes a link (to a blog post, for example), you’ll include it here. 

NOTE: If your post also includes images, a GIF, or videos, the Social Planner will consider these elements as the post’s main elements and will move the link into the caption.

  • imageUrls

Image URLs will go here as pngs, jpeg/jpgs, and other supported formats. You can add up to 10 images per post, separating each by a comma and a space. 

NOTE: You will need to check with the social platform for proper image dimensions and sizing specifications. 

  • gifUrl

Paste GIF URLs for your posts

  • videoUrls

Add video URLs in the accepted formats (MP4 and MOV) for each post. Like images, you can add up to 10 videos in a post, separating each by a comma and a space. 

NOTE: GMB does not accept videos

NOTE: Each post can only have one media format when using a CSV file: images, a GIF, or videos. Mixed media posts will not upload. Only Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accept GIFs. 

NOTE: You can only include 90 posts in each CSV file.

Part 2: Uploading and Scheduling Posts

Step 1: Navigate to the Social Planner: Marketing> Social Planner

Step 2: Click on New Post in the right-hand corner then “Upload from CSV” 

  • Choose the right CSV file from your computer and hit Next.

NOTE: Make sure to upload your file with at least 10 minutes to spare from the time of the earliest scheduled post. You’ll want a small time cushion in case the system takes longer to process the data. 

Step 3: Select Socials 

  • Specify the channels relevant to the scheduled posts on your CSV file. Search for them using the search bar or scroll through.

Step 4: Review uploaded posts

  • As the CSV finishes uploading (“In Progress” → “Review & Schedule”), you’ll be able to review, edit, and fix any errors in your posts.
  • Your posts will display in list view, but you can click on the expand icon to see full posts.
  • The Social Planner will flag errors which you’ll be able to go in and resolve.

Step 5: Once you resolve any errors and are satisfied with how each post looks and its scheduled date/time, you will ‘Import Post(s).’  

You can view the whole schedule under ‘Open Planner’ and admire the work you did in advance to build your social presence. 

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